In order to promote Popeye’s new and upcoming movie a digital campaign was created. The driving force behind this campaign is the playful pranking often found in the Popeye show. This campaign will take you through multiple different areas in which you will be able to collect pranks as well as spend some quality time with your family.

The launch of the campaign would begin with the world pranks. There will be many different scaled pranks in the real world that will begin to expose you to the playful popeye pranking.

In the web prank all google image results on the first page will be subbed with popeye images.
The in-store (grocery) prank would show the candy isle being replaced with the canned vegetable isle.
The outdoor prank will consist of Popeye Coins being glued to the floor.

An InWindow Outdoor Ad will provide you with the chance to play and race your friends on a large scale.


Concept             _ Digital Campaign